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Democracy and a
Shared Society

Tel Aviv-Yafo is a city of complexities that are not always visible at first glance.

How do we make everyone part of the city’s whole story? How do you educate for a shared society in such a diverse city?

You’re welcome to see for yourselves how we incorporate values such as democracy, pluralism, gender and equality into our educational endeavors. And become acquainted with the challenges and possibilities for creating equal education for a variety of population groups.

Let's get started…

The Bublick Kindergarten Campus לצפייה במיקום בגוגל מפות is located on the banks of the Yarkon River. The campus is a microcosm of society and offers the children an opportunity to hold a respectful, tolerant and egalitarian dialog, while serving as a model for life outside. Religious and secular boys and girls attend the same campus. Every kindergarten has its own unique features and together they create their own non-judgmental shared domain, characterized by respect and room for an open dialog. Despite the differences existing between them, on campus the kindergartens make up a single human fabric.

At the Yafo Educational Campus, לצפייה במיקום בגוגל מפות Ironi “Zayin” High School and في حرم التعليم بيافا يتم خلق مستقبل مشترك create a shared future. The campus serves residents of Yafo and nearby neighborhoods. The student body, which is diverse, multicultural and multifaith, embraces what is unique about every student and empowers what they all have in common. Each day anew, a choice is made to lead and educate the students towards tolerance, mutual responsibility, pluralism and the love of all humankind. The school, which is experiencing renewal and growth, encourages entrepreneurship and excellence in the sciences.

Right across the street is the multicultural, Hebrew-Arabic bilingual school Kulna Yachad לצפייה במיקום בגוגל מפות المدرسة ثنائية اللغة “كُلُّنا ياحد” بيافا . So how do you teach children what partnership is? You need to think differently, believe in each child and be willing to surround them with optimism, joy and creativity.

Join us in creating a new reality every day.

It makes no difference where you come from and what your background is. All you have to do is dream and pursue your dreams…That is the credo of the staff at Ironi Neve Tzedek, לצפייה במיקום בגוגל מפות which is a school for students with complex learning disorders. Because multiculturalism is a key feature of the school, the activities and curricula are geared towards a variety of population groups. That way every student feels at home, regardless of his or her color, ethnicity or religion.

How do you create shared education for religiously observant and non-observant students? How can they learn from one another? How do you not teach them to prefer one way of life over another? At the Tel Aviv Communal School, לצפייה במיקום בגוגל מפות they find the answers together. The students come from secular, religious and traditional homes. The daily routine at the school combines secular and religious practices, about which there is an ongoing dialog. Sounds interesting? Feel free to ask questions and hear what everyone has to say.

Gesher לצפייה במיקום בגוגל מפות is a family-like and multicultural school in Yafo for students with complex learning disorders. They come from a wide range of ethnic and religious communities. How you do create a bridge between the cultures? Come and get to know the educational, social and community model that gives students social resilience tools and skills for dealing with conflicts and challenges.

Can a school be turned into a place where you can talk about everything? According to dreamers those who fulfill them, yes you can at Galil. לצפייה במיקום בגוגל מפות Witness just how natural it is to be together in a shared community that bridges language and cultural differences – a community with a diverse human fabric, comprised of children of people who have lived there for years, new immigrants and migrant workers. How can a place be created for each and every one of them? How can all the voices be heard? We’ll be glad to share and talk about what we know and think about it together.

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