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New Directions

We have a lot more to show you.
You’re invited to get acquainted with our new Advancement of Early Childhood Division – that caters to children from birth to age three.

Visit our parenting center, which finds ways to meet the needs of parents in the city every day.

And become familiar with our professional communities that operate throughout the city.

Let's get started…

Not long ago, a new department was ‘born’ at the Education Administration – the Advancement of Early Childhood Division – which caters to children from birth to age three. Although it is still quite young, the Division has already spearheaded numerous initiatives, while advancing municipal and national policies that view early childhood as a critical period in child development.

Within a short time, 26 new daycare classes were opened. A community of over 850 early childhood educators was also formed, who think, dream and accomplish together.

In parallel with the above, professional development modules for principals and preschool staff were created, in addition to a variety of intervention programs at daycare centers throughout the city.

All of this is new to us and every day is an opportunity.  You’re welcome to come and hear our story.

What goes on behind the scenes of education?

How do we communicate with parents in Tel Aviv-Yafo? Come and learn from our Education Service Center how parents in the city are given the answers they need all under one roof through the multichannel service options available to them! The Education Service Center consists of four units:

  • A hub that provides service over the phone, online, via email, and in person
  • An information and digital communication unit that posts information and answers parents’ questions on social media (municipal website, Facebook page and groups, Instagram, Telegram, and others)
  • A registration and placement unit for all children and youth in the city aged 3 to 21, managed in cooperation with the departments responsible for the different age groups
  • A parenting center, where parenting counselors work with the different educational institutions by providing them with lectures, workshops and one-on-one sessions

Would you like to see how it works? We’re here!

Municipal Professional Communities

Imagine a group of kindergarten and other teachers who meet regularly to discuss issues, suggest ideas and initiatives and then share them with other communities in the city. How are professional communities different from regular communities? Why does it make sense to form professional communities in an organization? And do they really make a difference? We have the answers and even more. You’re invited to meet our communities, which are changing the face of education in the city.

Join a day in the lives of the professional communities that study and develop in their own time and space and at their own pace. They do it out of choice and operate autonomously, led by the Center for Faculty Development in Tel Aviv-Yafo . Which communities would you like to meet? Communities of lead teachers, communities of kindergarten teachers, special education teachers, communities of teachers who work with different age groups, or trailblazing communities?

Thanks to the city’s retraining program, anything can happen! The program, which was developed together with the Ministry of Education and Levinsky College of Education, has been in operation for 4 years now. It was developed for the express purpose of making residents who live in the city part of the schools’ faculties. The people involved include top-notch educators, researchers, leaders, entrepreneurs and creative minds who have a strong sense of identification with the city’s vision. Together they will be an engaged and influential community. This is the first time that a city is training its own teachers.

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