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Only if You Raise Your Hand?!
About State-of-the-Art Pedagogy

Imagine that you’re traveling in a time tunnel to the corridors of the school you attended or are sitting in your classroom studying. How does it feel? When it comes to us, you’ll definitely feel that everything has changed…you will no longer see rows set up in the learning spaces and the curricula are no longer uniform. There are options to choose from and roles for everyone to fill.

In state-of-the-art pedagogy, you know that changes have to be the heart of educational endeavors and be part of the routine adopted by every teacher and every student all the time. How do you ensure that change is possible and how do you introduce innovations into the public education system?

Join us for a fascinating and different kind of journey in public education

Let's get started…

Zukei Aviv לצפייה במיקום בגוגל מפות is not just another school located in a modern, colorful and inviting building with transparent walls. You’ll see boys and girls expressing themselves creatively in different learning spaces – both indoors and outdoors – engaged in dance, art, carpentry, music and theater. All of the activities are led by a young, energetic and dedicated staff who use diverse teaching methods that incorporate investigative learning, games, peer learning, boldness, creativity and an abundance of faith.  Join a discussion with the educational staff and students, observe some classes and tour the learning spaces.

Why are we here? And how will we spearhead change? Those questions guide the staff at ORT Singalovski High School. לצפייה במיקום בגוגל מפות Answers to those questions can be found in the school’s educational philosophy and the wealth of programs that lead to individualized attention, a dialog, relevance and excellence. At the school, a new world of opportunities has opened up for the students and the educational staff. For the students – it means how to observe on their own and learn independently. And for the teachers – it means how to modify teaching methods and assess the students from multiple perspectives..

Arazim is a vibrant and pleasant space for all its students.

What do they learn? Less is more! All the subjects have been consolidated into three clusters that convey the knowledge in an interesting manner, in a way that encourages original thinking.
How do they learn? In differential, group and choice-based settings, tailored to every girl and boy.
Where do they learn? Everywhere! In the hallway, in the schoolyard, in the community garden, and even in the principal’s office.

A girls’ soccer team? Signs at the entrance written in gender-inclusive language? It’s not only the way we write things, but also how we express ourselves on a daily basis. The school’s staff talk about gender differences with the children starting at an early age. Gender equality is promoted both pedagogically and socially. Come and visit us at Bavli Yerushalmiלצפייה במיקום בגוגל מפות

Gender-sensitive education seeks to impart tools to students that will enable them to critically read the gender reality, replace commonly-held views with egalitarian views, and allow boys and girls to fulfill themselves without facing barriers of any kind. Come and see it in practice, also at the nearby high school.

If you come to Ironi Daled in the morning, be sure to look for the groups of students who are engrossed in conversation and learning. This is only one regular occurrence that facilitates the deconstruction of the conventional class schedule and classroom structure.  The change is coupled with reflection and goal setting processes that aim to modify the existing reality and create a new one in the life of the school.

Not far from there, the students at David Yellin embark on a fascinating journey every day. Each student learns how to look into his or her inner self and assess their strengths, with the focus being on self-motivation. The measurement and evaluation methods are consistent with the five intelligences and there is dynamic learning that breaks down the walls of the classroom.

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