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The City Square –
Interior and Exterior Architecture

Beautiful both inside and outside. A visual perspective from a design and architecture standpoint that suggests the city’s challenges and the creative solutions that are tailored to learning and different kinds of teaching.

Quite some time has elapsed since a blackboard, chalk and map on the wall were the basic standard when describing educational facilities. Come and have a close look at the inspirational learning spaces that are found in every corner and reinforce the students’ and the teachers’ sense of wellbeing, facilitating flexibility and a peaceful earning environment.

A place where architecture and pedagogy are intertwined

Let's get started…

The southern part of the city

Shimon Peres High School for High-Tech and the Arts  לצפייה במיקום בגוגל מפות places emphasis on subjects dealing with high-tech, cyber, programming and robotics, alongside first-rate study tracks in the arts, music and filmmaking. The architecture is consistent with the school’s educational philosophy and includes learning spaces outside the classrooms, classrooms with transparent walls, an open library in a central location and special annex rooms. The building is a harbinger and educational anchor of the neighborhood’s renewal. The school was designed in a way that takes advantage of the topography to create unique spaces and minimize the number of staircases needed to reach the upper floors on a regular basis. The structure was designed with yards, balconies and roofs that are connected to the main spaces in the school.

Designed by: Weinstein Vaadia Architects

The Livne לצפייה במיקום בגוגל מפות Educational Center was built in the southeastern part of the city between the Livne and Ezra & Argazim neighborhoods. The school is an anchor of neighborhood renewal and supports the assumption that educational institutions are a determining factor when people choose a place to live. It also leads to improved services for the existing residents. The center was designed with the future in mind, which identified that two schools would be needed as more housing units are built. There are also plans in place for a kindergarten campus and gymnasium.

The Neve Sha’anan Kindergarten Campus  לצפייה במיקום בגוגל מפות houses nine kindergartens for children who live in the neighborhood. The project was designed as a single structure consisting of two stories and a roof, leaving as many open spaces around the building as possible. A lot of thought was devoted to the children’s experience in the space from their vantage points (what they see from their height).

Designed by Plesner Architects; Photograph: Mikaela Burstow

The visit will include a presentation about the school’s educational philosophy, sustainability education and the swifts’ nesting boxes project.

At Horev, לצפייה במיקום בגוגל מפות whose architects were awarded the prestigious Rokach Prize for its design, the architecture was the driving force that led to a positive change. The school’s design includes separate yards for different age groups which are customized to their use. The building itself features yards built on different levels, including an athletic field that is situated on a balcony.

Designed by” the architects Moran Palmoni and Iftach Vax

City center

Due to the growing shortage of public spaces in the city center, two high-rise schools were recently built on small, high-density lots. Despite the constraints, there was an opportunity here to design groundbreaking and unique schools that blend in with their immediate surroundings.

At the Inclusive Bikurim School, לצפייה במיקום בגוגל מפות considerable thought was devoted to creating a learning environment that embraces the diversity between all the students, and not necessarily those who have special needs, but rather differences of any kind. The school was designed for 24 classrooms, built as part of a complex that includes 3 kindergarten classes and a gymnasium that is used by the community in the afternoon hours. Yards were built on the roof and on the different floors, in addition to enlarged outdoor learning spaces for the children’s enjoyment. The design of these spaces is consistent with the school’s inclusive philosophy.

Designed by: Tsionov Vitkon Architects

Midtown is the outcome of a groundbreaking initiative of the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality. Municipal properties are rented out to private operators who meet the quality criteria defined by the Advancement of Early Childhood Division at the Education Administration. The collaboration that exists between the preschool operators, the MOLET design studio and the interior designer Ayelet Ziv has managed to turn this high-tech building in the center of Tel Aviv into a warm and rural-like setting for toddlers aged one to three. Midtown Preschool is the first harbinger which signals those that will follow it. The design and the furniture are all products of recycled wood palettes from the Midtown Towers construction site, reinforcing the idea of sustainability.

Givon לצפייה במיקום בגוגל מפות was built in downtown Tel Aviv where the wholesale fruit and vegetable market used to be located. Today, the school is part of a complex consisting of apartment buildings, recreational venues and shops. The school is a pedagogical pioneer and has a strong connection with its location. The architectural design included building a schoolyard on the roof of the adjacent TLV Fashion Mall. The interior spaces feature transparent partitions and sliding walls that make it possible to consolidate study cubicles into one large space in line with the learning needs of the kindergarten campus and the school. The school can also be accessed from the nearby apartment buildings via a public garden.

Architect: Elie Eliakim, Eliakim Architects

בית ספר גבעון

The northern part of the city

Zukei Aviv לצפייה במיקום בגוגל מפות is not just another school located in a modern, colorful and inviting building with transparent walls. You’ll see boys and girls expressing themselves creatively in different learning spaces – both indoors and outdoors – engaged in dance, art, carpentry, music and theater. Come for a tour and see how the architecture creates and facilitates pioneering pedagogy.

Designed by: BEA Architects

The Beit Zuri Educational Campus לצפייה במיקום בגוגל מפות in the Ramat Aviv neighborhood is growing. This elementary school, the first of its kind, is 4-stories high and includes a gymnasium on the roof, a huge balcony that can be used by the upper floors, transparent partitions, and bright-colored and cheerful interior work spaces, with a large open landscape dotted with treetops. If you wish to see all this for yourselves and ask how a different brand of pedagogy that combines unique architecture is created, we are here waiting for you on the balcony.

Designed by: Livay Dvoriansky Architects

בית הספר גבעון
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