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Stories About Undocumented
Children and Teens

“We’re All Different Together”

Boys, girls and teens that are part of the mosaic of Israeli society, the children of migrant workers and asylum seekers

How do you create education that places emphasis on multiculturalism, human rights, universal values and tolerance?

Let's get started…

The Yarden and Kinneret Kindergarten Campus לצפייה במיקום בגוגל מפות is a model of brave partnership, mutual respect and multiculturalism. Eleven kindergartens, which are part of a warm and stable educational setting that is committed to the children of the migrant community and their families. Throughout the year, the staff members who work at the campus devote time and effort to nurturing the children and empowering them personally and emotionally. Considerable emphasis is placed on multiculturalism, friendship and mutual responsibility, achieved through a combination of music, art, drama and love for nature.

In our garden at Yarden, לצפייה במיקום בגוגל מפות there are flowers that attract butterflies as well as other nectar plants. There is also a worm farm that expedites the process of making compost, which is used to fertilize the soil we plant in. The Yarden farming project was introduced in order to teach the school’s students and the local community how to grow and consume fruits and vegetables using cutting-edge agricultural technologies. We’ll be glad if you come and get to know us.

Seeing the rainbow. At the Keshet school communityלצפייה במיקום בגוגל מפות which represents a wide variety of religions, ways of life, traditions and mores, equality is a key value. The diversity is also reflected in its name, which in Hebrew means rainbow.

The school was established in 2018. Its student body is comprised of children of refugees and asylum seekers from Eritrea and Sudan and children of migrant workers from Western Africa and Asia who live in the Neve Sha’anan and Shapira neighborhoods. There are currently around 700 first to fifth grade students at the school, in 21 classes. Come and see the “rainbow.”

Bialik Rogozin לצפייה במיקום בגוגל מפות is a campus of academic excellence, where students learn in a family-like atmosphere and implement tools and skills that will advance their future and their success. The campus, which is located in the southern part of the city, has a student body of approximately 1,000 elementary, middle and high school students. The students come from a wide range of cultural, national, ethnic and religious communities.

The campus, which functions as an educational, therapeutic and social center, is founded on a holistic approach that views the students as being part of a wider whole (teachers and educators, other staff members, parents, the extended community). The emphasis is on multiculturalism that derives from the characteristics of the campus population.

Come and hear the voices and get to know in person.

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