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Without Labels
A Special City for Everyone

An opportunity to fit in at a variety of kindergartens and schools without being labelled, thanks to a number of creative student-customized models

It’s possible! Not only is it possible, but it actually exists in our city and facilitates everyone’s growth and development.

Let's get started…
גן אלמוג

How do you say ‘thank you and appreciation’ in sign language? Ask the children at Almog Kindergarten. לצפייה במיקום בגוגל מפות The kindergarten staff cultivates the children’s ability to respect diversity and enhances their socially awareness. Learning sign language using visual and movement-related means boosts their self-confidence and sense of self-efficacy, which in turn is extended to all the kindergartens nearby.

Diversity, belonging, independence and excellence are the guiding principles at Bikurim, לצפייה במיקום בגוגל מפות one of the first five inclusive schools in Israel. Both the student body and the faculty include persons with or without special needs. The school is a mirror of a society that embraces diversity within the shared living space…a space where everyone is a special child with special needs. The school is a model for society, where everyone has a place and is important and safe.

“Dream, believe, try, and have no fear of making a mistake” is the motto at Yachdav, לצפייה במיקום בגוגל מפות which is an educational framework for students on the autism spectrum. Every interaction with the school’s students is moving, witnessed in the ways they express joy: a hug, a little word of greeting, an exclamation and a smile. Come and feel the magic happening and hear about different approaches and thoughts, about innovations and initiatives that extend beyond the autism spectrum.

There’s room for everyone in the Netiv school community, לצפייה במיקום בגוגל מפות whose students have diagnosed emotional disorders. At Netiv (which in Hebrew means path), diverse therapy spaces and creative learning and treatment methods are individualized to the students’ dispositions. The school campus enables the students to learn in the schoolyards and outside the classroom in order to facilitate their integration into the community. How is a new “path” created?

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